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AIA is a member of, affiliated or related with, or participates in joint projects with several other national and international higher education organizations and learned societies. These organizations include:


Arab Academy of Research and Studies:

American International Academy is a member of the Arab Academy of Research and Studies (AARS). AARS has provided great services to AIA, and has helped in assigning Arabic assignments of all majors and has also developed these assignments to fit with the culture of the Arab students. It was also agreed between the two Academies that AARS to oversee and evaluate the research and reports submitted by the Arab students studying at AIA.


Universal Studies Academy:

The American International Academy is associated with Universal Studies Academy in Palestine in a twinning agreement. Dr. Wael Murad the President of Universal Studies Academy is  assuming the presidency of AIA in the middle east region. The Universal Studies Academy is representing AIA through its headquarters in Gaza City, also supervises on the study of the Arab students of AIA and evaluating their assignments before they are sent for approval to the Presidency of the AIA.


European Association for International Education:

The EAIE is a non-profit organization whose main aim is the stimulation and facilitation of the internationalization of higher education in Europe and around the world, and to meet the professional needs of individuals active in international education. The EAIE is a member-led organization made up of individual members. It has a committed membership of more than 1800 international education professionals - from rectors to professors to international exchange coordinators. Presidency of AIA is a member of EAIE.


American Management Association

American Management Association is a world leader in professional development, advancing the skills of individuals to drive business success. Organizations worldwide, including the majority of the Fortune 500, turn to AMA as their trusted partner in professional development and draw upon its experience to enhance skills, abilities and knowledge with noticeable results from day one. AIA Students of College of Business have the chance to get the e-membership of American Management Association for free.


American Bar Association

American Bar Association, is the largest voluntary professional association in the world. With more than 400,000 members, the ABA provides law school accreditation, continuing legal education, information about the law, programs to assist lawyers and judges in their work, and initiatives to improve the legal system for the public. AIA Students of College of Law have the chance to get the membership of American Bar Association for free.


American Economic Association

The American Economic Association was organized in 1885 at a meeting in Saratoga, New York, by a small group interested in economics. It was incorporated in Washington, DC, on February 3, 1923. The purposes of the Association are:

1. The encouragement of economic research, especially the historical and statistical study of the actual conditions of industrial life.
2. The issue of publications on economic subjects.
3. The encouragement of perfect freedom of economic discussion.

The Association as such will take no partisan attitude, nor will it commit its members to any position on practical economic questions.
The spirit of these objectives has been maintained throughout the history of the Association. Once composed primarily of college and university teachers of economics, the Association now attracts an increasing number of members from business and professional groups. Today the membership is ca. 18,000, over half of whom are academics. About 15% are employed in business and industry, and the remainder largely by federal, state, and local government or other not-for-profit organizations. AIA Students of Economics have the chance to get the membership of American Economic Association for free.



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