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About Distance Education

The academic system in American International Academy is characterized by flexibility, convenience, and fast as well.

One of the most important feature of the study at the Academy is the possibility of calculating the years of working experience as accredited hours that the Academy believes that the experience is not less important than the academic study, the best example of this, we find that a lot of experienced people prove superior to academic graduates in their field of specialization in many often.

AIA Does not offer traditional study and does not have a campus, but it works through an administrative headquarter in the United States to manage all administrative and legal works and to coordinate with the faculty of the Academy in various parts of the world. AIA looks forward to serve the students in the field of higher education in their respective location, and provide an opportunity for everyone who wants to study to achieve their goals and aspirations and improve their scientific and practical circumstances.

The AIA Distance Learning System :

Efficient and effective learning methodology.

- Content-specific syllabi.
- Remarkable bibliographic selection.
- Required works completed at home.
- Without the stress of traditional exams.

Academic Affairs Unit:

The Admission and Registration Unit sends a copy of the student's file to the academic affairs unit which develops, in its turn, a curriculum guide and sends it to the student with course outline for the degree program. The students will be able then to begin his study and research in coordination with his director whom has been assigned by Academic Affairs Unit.

The process of following-up the student's study is fulfilled by e-mail, so the student is entitled to send his email account to the Academy for this purpose; all completed assignments are to be sent to the Academy by e-mail as well.

Academic supervision:

The Arab Academy of Research and Studies conducts the academic supervision on research assignments and of AIA students through its academic team, a team of academics has also been allocated as general supervisors at the faculties of AIA and at the academic directors who work with the Academy.

Academic director for each student:

AIA assigns an academic director for each student without additional fees continues with him until graduation. The director will provide his student with all assistance needed to facilitate his study. He will contact him by e-mail and starts to explain study method and give him important directions which would help him to accomplish his assignments correctly from the first time. Student's cooperation with his director should make the study easier and he will be able to finish it in shorter time.

Life experience and pre-studies:

American International Academy takes into account previous academic programs enrolled by the student, whether completed or not, and training courses related to specialization and years of life experience and equated as credits. These equated credits are listed in the student's transcript upon graduation as transferred courses. Copies of transcripts and life experience documents must be submitted and approved by the jurisdiction staff at the Academy.

Degrees Granted

The Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, Master of Arts, Master of Science, Master of Business Administration, Doctor of Philosophy and Doctor of Business Administration Degrees are awarded by AIA. When the student majors in a specialized division, the diploma will identify the student's main subject area and then have a subtitle indicating the student's area of specialization.

Example: If a degree is granted in Business, the diploma will read "Master of Arts in Business Administration with a Major in International Business." The diploma may also read "Master of Business Administration with a Major in International Business."

Before the diploma is printed, the student will have the opportunity to approve the wording on the diploma, in conjunction with the AIA administrative staff. Additionally, the student will be asked to indicate the exact spelling of his/her name for placement on the document.

Please note that diplomas are not accredited by higher education yet.

Quality Assurance

Academic quality assurance at the American International Academy is enforced by the Academic Quality Assurance Board (AQA), according to the Standards and Guidelines for Council for Higher Education Quality (CHEQ), established for Quality Assurance in Higher Education in 2005.

A wide range of processes to be taken into consideration by the Academic Quality Assurance Board may include a number of unexpected different situations, therefore, AQA Board must run permanent revision on a number of specific details on the normative framework to keep this “tool” in the best possible conditions, as creating, classifying, evaluating and qualifying different local indicators to match with CHEQ Standards.

Liberal Arts


Undergraduate students who have not previously taken Liberal Arts course work, must complete 65 units in the Liberal Arts before embarking upon course work in their major subject area.* Liberal Arts courses will be assigned as follows:

LANGUAGE - 15-20 units

PHYSICAL SCIENCE - 15-20 units

HUMANITIES - 10-15 units

SOCIAL SCIENCE - 10-15 units


Please Note: Courses in the Liberal Arts are valued at 5 units per course.


English as a Second Language 
Studies in the Student's Native Language 
Foreign Language (a language other than English or the student's native language) 
Creative Writing 
Structural Grammar 

Biology or Microbiology 
Environmental Science 

Islamic studies  


Art History  
Ethnic Studies  

*A total of 135 units are required for the Bachelor's Degree. 65 units will be in the Liberal Arts and 70 units will be in the student's major subject area. Life experience credit and transfer credit will apply toward the 135 unit requirement.

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