Human Development Experts Council

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Human Development Experts Council

The Power of Certification

Human Development Experts Congregation Council (HUDEX) founded by the American International Academy in 2016 to be the embracive and supportive body of training and human development professionals in the Arab world. AIA Academy is an independent international institution licensed in the state of Wyoming in the United States since 2009. Universal Studies Academy Palestine is the regional agent of HUDEX as well as the American International Academy. HUDEX seeks to provide representation headquarters soon in several Arab countries. Membership of HUDEX could be obtained by applying the application with the required documents; member will get a membership certificate and ID card in his specialty field.

Goals and aspirations 

1. Setting high standards and basics of certifying coaches and training centers and accreditation of training courses. 

2. Developing skills and efficiency of coaches and training centers and departments to improve and enhance the training profession.

3. We seek to achieve excellence in our services to become the most impoertant and attractive international body in supporting trainers and training centers.

4. Cooperation and working with coaches and training centers to find common goals.

5. Provide trainers and training centers with the necessary tools to help them develop and facilitate their business.

HUDEX offers currently 4 types of memberships

HUDEX also provides the certificate of Master Coach or Master Trainer according to the specific rules and requirements.
For More information and details please visit Hudex website.

Hudex Individual Membership Application

Hudex Centers Membership Application

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