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Professional Master and Doctorate

Fully distance study in Arabic with a research study method

AIA Diploma

Only $2950

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Including registration fee and the US State Department authentication.

Research-Based Degrees

Research-based degrees require the student to carry out their  own research project(s) in a specialized field of study.

Student can choose between two types of study:

1- Preparing a thesis only whose subject is specified by the student.

2- Preparing short research papers in 6 assignments to be provided to the student.

Choose between 9 majors what suites your career:

1- Human Development

2- Human Resources Development

3- International Relations

4- Public Relations

5- Business and Management

6- Marketing

7- Diplomatic Studies

8- Total Quality Management

9- Journalism & Media

Graduation Documents (All in English):

1- Two Graduation Certificates *

2- Transcript

3- District of Columbia Attestation

4- US Notary Public Attestation

5- US State Department Authentication

* The AIA diploma and transcript do not specify distance learning information.

Why AIA Professional Degrees?

1- Respected American Certificates

2- Crown your experience and CV with a higher degree

3- Low tuition and easy payments

4- Begin anytime

5- Finish your study easily and quickly

6- Academic quality assurance

7- Flexibility to suit your career and lifestyle

8- Guidance from top faculty

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