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Tuition Fees

(Tuition fees published on this page are subject to change or modify without prior notice)

Basic Tuition

Professional Bachelor Program


(Literary, Humanitarian and Administrative Majors)

Professional Master Program


(Literary, Humanitarian and Administrative Majors)

Professional Doctoral Program


(Literary, Humanitarian and Administrative Majors)

Combined Program


(Master + Doctorate) for Literary, Humanitarian and Administrative Majors)

Registration Fee


for a Single Program Only

Registration Fee


for a combined Program

Other Fees

Additional Diploma*


Additional Transcript


Additional Letter of Acceptance


'To Whom It May Concern' Letter




at Notary Public and Department of State in USA

Document legalization by some Embassies in Washington DC


fees increases in some other Embassies

Authentication post fee


to agent in USA and back

Equalized Diploma


does not include post fees to student

Complementary course


may required for equalization


1- The registration fee are added to all previous basic tuition.

2- Student should accept to pay for post sent to him by the Academy through a rapid courier.

3- Basic tuition fees mentioned above are for the whole period of study and it's not per semester and there are no other fees.

Swifts Commissions:

Please take into cosideration the swift commission fee when sending money orders and add its value to the amount of the transfer.

* Additional Diploma:

When authenticate a diploma, AIA sends the original diploma to be authenticated and then bounded with other authentication papers (as shown in picture below). Therefore, we draw our students attention who wish to authenticate their documents to that they could request an additional diploma if they wish to use it separately. The cost of the additional diploma is listed above in the 'Other Fees' section. 

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