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Study Instructions

1/ Preparing reports and research (assignments):

1- Student papers and research have to be sent to the academic director whom would be assigned to him by the Academy, where the Academic Affairs Department would approve the papers and put the grades. The student is allowed one month only to send each assignment. He could benefit from local public libraries to complete his paper and also use the Internet as one of the sources with the need to mentioning all references.

2- Reports and research should be written in 30 pages approximately with font size 12 for Text and size 14 for the headings using one of the following fonts: Times New Roman, Arial or Calibri. 

3- Papers should be typed and submitted as WORD file attached to an email and sent to the Academic Director. 

4- A cover page should added to the paper includes the following information; 

• Name of the Academy. 
• Name of College and Major.
• Current Degree and Program.
• Student's Name.
• Student's Academic Number.
• Director's Name.
• Date of Submitting.

 5- Student's Name + Title of report, subject of research + Academic Number should be written at the top of each of inner pages. Page number should be inserted as well.

6- Write the assignment description as givin to you before the research.

7- Student should prepare his papers by referring to more than one source or reference. He should also write down all the sources and references in a separate page at the end of his paper. 

8- The Academy put bases to evaluate students' assignments upon, on which, approval or rejection and grading are depending on.  

9- The student should be able to discuss his paper with his director; discussion is performed through a computer application used by both the Academy and the student. 

10- All completed papers are to be sent to the Academy by this e-mail.

11- Language: All reports and research or papers written should be in Arabic, although you may, in some cases upon request and approval, submit the required assignments in English language.

2/ Standards of writing Theses and Dissertations:

When the student reaches the stage of the preparation of the thesis or dissertation, he will be provided with instructions on how to write and prepare his theses or dissertation.

3/ Procedures of suspending academic programs and cancellation of enrollment:

The Academy can execute Procedures of suspending academic programs and cancellation of enrollment in one of the following cases:

1- If the Academy realized that the student's assignments are not done by him or were completely copied from other papers or websites.

2- Delay in paying dues could compromise the academic program of the student to be suspended. And, if the student stopped payments the academy will cancel his enrollment and he is not entitled to a refund of the money he had paid. The student could apply for re-enrollment but after paying a new registration fee and all tuition left.

4/ Remarks:

1- The Academy will make a web page for each student, and provide him with a username and a password defined by the Academy. The web page includes a list of all required courses and assignments and the grades of completed courses as well as his financial file and others.

2- The student has to fill out the Research Approval Form and send it to the Academy to get the approval before he starts working on his final research, thesis or dissertation.

3- The student could contact the Academy by email or phone for information request or inquiry, but we recommend that he reads the instructions and information on our website before that to avoid a request for available information.

4- Student will be able to download the Student's Instructions Guide through his web page directly after registration which contains a full description of how to write and prepare papers and reports.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions,
we are just an email away.

Student's Web Page

Dear Student, If you are registered in the American International Academy, whether directly or through one of our representatives or agents, we will allocate a web page for you on our website, so we request each student of the Academy to ensure the existence of a special web page for him. This page means he is already registered at the Academy so as to prevent any fraud and illegal registration. Academy will provide the student directly with his own username and password after registration, and if the student lost access information he can re-request it from the Admission and Registration Unit of the Academy as well as could ask to change any of them.

The information page of the student includes:
•  Registration Data
•  Financial Information
•  Study Plan
•  Assignments
•  Evaluation of Assignments
•  Student's Guide
•  Academic forms and materials to download and others.

Click this LINK to access your webpage and then enter your username and password.

Student's Wep Page

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